Monday, January 25, 2010

Q&A Request

Sometimes it can be a little tough to know what to write about for this blog. So I'm throwing this thing open: Email me or post a question in the comments. I would like to start a semi-regular Question and Answer post. So come on all you readers, I know you're out there and must have questions so let me have it!


  1. How do you manage multiple income streams? (i.e. PayPal and Google checkout). Right now I treat my Paypal account like my checking account and everything is funneled through there. You've hinted at a main account you funnel to and have regular withdrawls from. Have you had issues with the time for Paypal or Google checkout?

  2. All of us who do business online have to cover the cost of PayPal or other host processing as well as our packaging. People seem to fall into two different camps as to how to handle these costs. Camp A - the cost is added to the price of the item. Camp B - the cost is added to the shipping. The opinions are strong as to which one is correct. What do you think?

    I suppose it could also be divided. Processing fees added to shipping and packaging added to item price for instance. With big companies, we have grown to expect handling or processing fees, but with small businesses, people can be pretty touchy about cost. Still, costs have to be covered.

    Maybe this would make a good poll question.

  3. What has worked well for you to help establish a web presence?

  4. I would like to know what the right ratio of start-up costs are for materials. I work in what has turned out to be a series of designs appealing to a rather high-end clientele, which entails a rather large materials bill. I have invested very heavily to start, and about once a year I manage to cover most of my previous expenses, but not enough to continue to restock materials such as gemstones, precious metals, and gift boxes with which to make more pieces....


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