Spam Policy

I reserve the right to delete any and all spam comments on this blog. Here is what qualifies as a spam comment:
  1. A post purely advertising your site with nothing to add to the conversation or posting comments completely unrelated to the topic.
  2. Linking to a site unrelated to the subject of the blog in your comment text. Etsy shops, artfire shops, other pages selling handmade goods are all okay as long as you are following rule #1.  Linking to forex trading, MLM schemes, porn, etc. are all going to be immediately removed.
  3. Posting abusive comments. I have no problem with disagreement or debate but please do no politely without profanity or personal attacks.
  4. Posting in a foreign language. I'm not putting down any other language but since I'm only fluent in English it makes it difficult to tell if a comment in another language is following the rules.
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