Sunday, March 3, 2013

New Ways to Use Etsy Coupons

Recently Etsy made some improvements to their coupons codes. The new features are:
  • Thank you coupons. You can set one of your coupons to be automatically sent by email to your customers when they order (this option can be set on an existing coupon as well as a new one).
  • Fixed amount coupons. If you want to offer $5 off purchases you can now do that with this coupon setting.
  • Minimum purchase for coupons. You can set a coupon to only be valid for purchases over a set amount e.g. 10% off orders over $25.
These new features make coupon codes even more flexible. Personally I'm thrilled to have the thank you coupons emailed, I think that will make customers more likely to use them than the printed coupons I currently send. I also see some great potential for the other features, I think a set discount like $5 off might be more appealing than a percentage and having the minimum purchase means someone can't use that $5 off coupon to buy just a $5 item. Here are some ideas from Etsy on using coupon codes.

How do you think you might use the new coupon code features? Leave a comment.

1 comment:

  1. I agree that having the ability to set a minimum purchase amount in order to use the coupon is a major improvement. I have a site that sells custom t-shirts and this was a problem all the time because the platform did not allow to such tweaks with the coupon generator. I wanted to provide discounts and always ended up losing more than I wanted. This goes to show that Etsy does a good job at listening to the feedback from its users.


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