Friday, November 18, 2011

Successfully Promoting a Sale

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday at hand here are my tips to running a successful sale. Feel free to reply with your own ideas.

1. Edit your shop banner to announce the sale. This can be fancy or just adding a line of text in an eye catching color.
2. Also add text describing your sale to your shop announcement AND your Etsy profile
3. Edit your profile image to announce the sale as well.
4. Post in teams announcing your sale (make sure the team rules allow it first)
5. Add relevant tags for your sale, especially any official tags like "Black Friday Etsy"
6. Edit item titles to reflect the sale and put sale information at the very top of your item descriptions, I recommend edit express at to make the process faster

1: Blog it, several times. I recommend once a few weeks out, again a week or 3-4 days prior, then finally on the day of the sale.
2: Post it on Facebook as an Event with all the details of the sale then share the event on your Facebook page. Again several time leading up to the sale.
3: Tweet the sale with a link to your shop, again several mentions prior to the sale and while your running the sale. Careful not to flood your feed with announcement tweets, every few hours is good.
4: If you have an email newsletter, send an email to your list announcing the sale
5: Post to deal sites like
6: Run an ad on Google Adwords or Project Wonderful
7. Etsy on Sale automatically shares on their front page sales set up through the site.

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