Monday, June 15, 2009

Quick Tip #8 - Craft Show Checklist

If you're getting ready to do any shows this summer, make a checklist of everything you need.

Here's my checklist, yours may vary depending on what you sell:
☑ Canopy for outdoor shows w/weights for the legs
☑ Tables w/table cloths
☑ Sign and an easel to display it on
☑ Chair
☑ Cash box with plenty of bills and change
☑ Receipt books
☑ Retail certificate
☑ Small sign stating your policies
☑ Calculator
☑ Business cards, brochures, etc
☑ Bags and boxes for purchases
☑ Bubble wrap, tissue paper, etc.
☑ Pens and markers
☑ Price tags
☑ Cooler filled with snacks and lots of water
☑ Comfy but attractive clothing (think lunch out with friends attire)
☑ First aid kit (just in case)
☑ Tool kit (includes hammer, scissors, box cutter, pliers, duct tape, etc)
☑ Garbage bags
☑ Paper Towels
☑ Hand wipes
☑ Sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat, I don't need to look like a boiled lobster at the end of the day
☑ Displays for my items (make a list of these so you can make sure you bring them all)
☑ Items for sale plus extras
☑ Supplies to work with if you plan to do demonstrations
☑ Tools and supplies for modifying my jewelry in case someone wants a necklace lengthened, shortened, etc.
☑ Notebook for writing down information on custom orders
☑ A friend to help me out

Preparing for an Art or Craft Festival


  1. This is great!
    I am doing my first outdoor show this summer, and your checklist will really help things go smoother.

  2. This list is fabulous! I have been doing shows for a while and the only thing I can think to add to this is an extra change of clothes. The chances of needing them are slim, but if you have an "accident" of any kind it is hard to feel confident enough to sell your work with chocolate ice cream down the front of your blouse! OR if you blow out the zipper on your jeans like I did a couple years back. Thank goodness I brought an adorable apron to throw on! Which reminds me of a few more things: safety pins, a mirror, windex and tampons.
    PS. Large format photos of your work will also draw people into your booth!

  3. I have gradually become the great fan yours and I wish you good luck for your success.

  4. what an awesome checklist!!! Thank you so much!!!

  5. Fabulous list. I've been meaning to make one like this up for years. Now it is done. Thanks!!


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