Monday, June 15, 2009

Quick Tip #8 - Craft Show Checklist

If you're getting ready to do any shows this summer, make a checklist of everything you need.

Here's my checklist, yours may vary depending on what you sell:
☑ Canopy for outdoor shows w/weights for the legs
☑ Tables w/table cloths
☑ Sign and an easel to display it on
☑ Chair
☑ Cash box with plenty of bills and change
☑ Receipt books
☑ Retail certificate
☑ Small sign stating your policies
☑ Calculator
☑ Business cards, brochures, etc
☑ Bags and boxes for purchases
☑ Bubble wrap, tissue paper, etc.
☑ Pens and markers
☑ Price tags
☑ Cooler filled with snacks and lots of water
☑ Comfy but attractive clothing (think lunch out with friends attire)
☑ First aid kit (just in case)
☑ Tool kit (includes hammer, scissors, box cutter, pliers, duct tape, etc)
☑ Garbage bags
☑ Paper Towels
☑ Hand wipes
☑ Sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat, I don't need to look like a boiled lobster at the end of the day
☑ Displays for my items (make a list of these so you can make sure you bring them all)
☑ Items for sale plus extras
☑ Supplies to work with if you plan to do demonstrations
☑ Tools and supplies for modifying my jewelry in case someone wants a necklace lengthened, shortened, etc.
☑ Notebook for writing down information on custom orders
☑ A friend to help me out

Preparing for an Art or Craft Festival
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